Conference Program

September 4            Opening Ceremony + Full Day Conference + Welcome Reception
September  5          Full Day Conference + Gala Dinner
September 6            Half Day Conference + Closing Ceremony

Plenaries on latest research in DEA by:

  • Prof Victor Podinovski (Loughborough University – UK)
    Title: Accounting for ratio inputs and outputs in DEA models
  • Prof Maria C. A. Silva (Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal)
    Title: Efficiency Decomposition for Multi-Level Multi-Components Production Technologies;
  • Prof Kristof De Witte (Economics and Business at KU Leuven – Belgium)
    Title: “Estimating the Causal Impact of an Intervention on Efficiency, illustrated using data from secondary schools in Flanders, Belgium.

Applications of DEA and more broadly in performance measurement and management in Regulation, Banking and Health Care including contributions by:

  • Dr Antreas Athanassopoulos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Eurobank Group
  • Dr Srini Parthasarathy, Partner at Oxera LLP, Head of Performance, Productivity and Efficiency;
  • Tore Langset, Director of NVE-RME, the Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority;
  • Daniel Mitchell, Principal Economist at Ofwat (England and Wales Water Regulator);
  • Prof Timo Kuosmanen on the  regulation of the Finnish electricity distribution firms;
  • Professor Nikos Maniadakis, consultant  Health Management & Policy, University of West Attica, Greece.

Semi-plenaries (in alphabetic order):

  • Prof Finn Forsund (University of Olso – Norway)
    Title: A re-appraisal of the seminal Charnes-Cooper-Rhodes 1978 DEA paper in light of the preceding Farrell (1957) and Farrell and Fieldhouse (1962) precursor papers;
  • Prof Nicole Adler The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Israel and Prof Emeritus Ole Olesen (University of Southern Denmark – Denmark)
    Title: Identifying Merger Opportunities: The Case of Air Traffic Control;
  • Prof Subhash Ray (University of Connecticut, USA)
    Title: Cost Sub-additivity and Sources of Potential gains from Mergers between Firms;
  • Prof Léopold Simar  and Prof Paul W. Wilson (Université Catholique de Louvain – UCLouvain – Belgium)
    Title: Statistical inference issues in nonparametric frontier models

Round table discussions:

aimed at early career researchers where former or  current Editors of Journals in the field, including the European Journal of Operational Research and the Journal of Productivity Analysis will offer advice on getting published;

Tribute to Prof Rajiv Banker

Following the recent sad death of Professor Rajiv Banker the conference will include an in memoriam session to honour his distinguished contributions to DEA.